“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. Without this playing with fantasy, no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.”

C.G. Jung



In a continuous revival and creation of contemplative ideas, emotions, expressions, and explorations through which artistic means and ideals take tangible form, what I design visually thrives on instinct, Goddess archetypes, the ancient matriarchs, identity, and duality, religious iconography, eroticism, intimacy, poetry, all forming a state that can purely discover the nude body in a sacred manner, condemning and abhorring the objectification of the female form and proving that the fragility and sentiment felt as a woman, can defy contemporary conservative notions of women as objects for display. As a woman, a part of mother nature, forming a complex web of generational longevity spanning the continuum of life and humanity, my contribution rests solely in the message my work conveys and the capacity at which the viewer is able to translate. 


My art attempts to address fundamental principles in literature, performance, language, and culture. It’s influences are derived from Renaissance elements, Greek, Roman, Latin, contemporary periods, French, Italian, pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, and ethnic traditions, tribal, natural, and otherworldly affections. It specifically places an emphasis on liberation, breaking of societal bounds, and freeing the body through movement and motion via film, photography, acting, dancing, creative directing, and modeling.  It is a symbolic representation of the paradoxes that we as humans face in our rapidly moving modern world, gently touching on masculine vs feminine, profanity vs divinity, natural vs synthetic, archaic vs current, dark vs light, civilized vs wild, hatred vs love, creationism vs destruction, human vs nature, stone vs flesh, norm vs abnormal, fantasy vs reality, and the interconnectedness and integration of these opposites. It is an intuitive infinite progression into women as goddesses or seductresses, mothers or virgins, crones being the embodiment of wisdom, givers of life, eternal nurturers, symbolic witnesses, protectors of our own personal legacies and effects, creators of will and testaments, and lovers of life. 



My art originates in the gut, passions of appetite,the instinct, the heart, a depiction, stimulation and arousal of self, of energetic relationships.

It is a curious study of the internal, the role of women, unions, and association to those people and environments intrinsically near to me. It is a photographic journey and moving art projection of the natural human, the female form with an enduring emphasis on feminine sexuality. As I believe all art is erotic, and the relationship between the artist and the art is erotic, the body is an instrument to convey art in it's most powerful form.


Producing art then becomes like a second nature, an efficacious remedy to shy communication, eternal, enabling the body to relay what words cannot..