By John Haro


I wanted to catch up with Taryn Andreatta, on what she's been up to, since we spoke two and a half years ago. In 2010 she made a name for herself after slipping her naked body onto the LOVE cover. Since then she's been working faithfully fulfilling her dream. Below she gives us an update on her work, and shares with us her thoughts on the nude figure, experience and approach to art and performance, as well as future plans.  

The images you see are of her latest work, shot by Mark Sink, for GQ Italia. The editorial features Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe's 1929 Barcelona Chair.


The study of the human figure has been a predominant and reoccurring theme in art for thousands of years. Specifically, the nude body has acted as an instrument for the artist to convey deep sentiment and profound emotion. Typically, the more powerful the emotion, the more effective the work of art. That being said, first and foremost with all my work, I endeavor to keep my emotions bold, natural, dynamic, and ever present. I focus internally on the moment, what I'm feeling and how I can use that to tell a story, then I relay this is in a collaboration with other artists via photo shoots or short films etc. I find that nudity in my work allows me to generate and express without doubt or uncertainty, exactly what I'm perceiving and also translate any and all emotions into something beautiful and meaningful. 

Throughout my youth, I wasn't always able to directly communicate my thoughts due to shyness, even now I experience this from time to time. Somehow my training in classical and modern dance, as well as piano, allowed me to open up my thoughts and energy into movement and performance, therefore creating something significant in my life and the life of those who are important to me. Self- expression in this way became 2nd nature, almost like a survival mechanism, a way to inherently focus my intentions and ideas on developing a visual work of art. 

Today I am honing in on my practice of modeling, art, and performance so that its simple, sensual, liberating, and able to capture what is most symbolic and valued in my life, which includes those I intrinsically love. Most, if not all my work, is a dedication to people that have inspired me or touched me in a way that I want to honor them for their contribution. I also create art and do modeling or dance for me, knowing that when it comes from the heart, is when it has the greatest effect on others. People can feel that, see it, connect with it. There's a greater sense of identity. This is where creativity takes form in the most boundless, limitless, powerful way. Self-expression no matter how eccentric, controversial, or off-beat it is, holds true to it's own aesthetic integrity. It becomes authentic and timeless.

Each collaboration I do has different structures. First, there is an admiration and desire to work with the collaborating individuals. I try to find a way where everyone's styles and ideas can be achieved,  it's important for everyone to have a voice. I do some of the artistic directing of the shoots by creating a thematic sense to draw us into the image or the occasion, so the piece gravitates towards a message or a feeling I am trying to express directly from within. 

I work hand in hand with the directors, photographers, stylists in every detail from the wardrobe (if it is present), to the title, to the music, to the final product, and then even further with the magazines. I strongly believe a large part of creating success or being successful is maintaining relationships that are strong and beneficial. Therefore, I highly value my connections and friendships with the various artists and magazines I work with, knowing that we support each other's pursuits is beneficial in the overall process. 

Some of my shoots have been spontaneous, a matter of coming together with little preparation and letting magic happen, it creates a poetic element or romantic quality. Releasing control of the outcome is such an essential part of not producing an overly manufactured image or film. It's about letting things unfold gracefully, organically. For instance, I'm preparing to publish a recent short film called "La Lumiere" and the dance was entirely improvised within seconds, before shooting. I'm enthusiastic about letting what I feel be expressed then and there, in the moment.

The future of what I am designing is based on instinct, heart emotion, and creativity. I will continue publishing my works. I look forward to making artistic collaborations which explore femininity, sexuality, and movement with an intrapersonal contribution to each, to define a new era of female speculation on sensuality within the Western World, a vibrant renewal of self through artistic mediums. I want to create a moving image art installation with various short films, performance based. I want to act and learn to develop more in depth roles and characters within movies. Currently, I am preparing to take these classes; French, Spanish Film, Performance Art- with an emphasis on the body, and Women's Studies on Goddess Archetypes, as well as working on the ideas behind my next shoots for 2013.